Monday, December 5, 2011


The past couple of days have brought a lot of reflection.  I has made me think of the things I am thankful for.  Here is a no particular order...of those things:
1. For the time we have had in Zambia and the friendships we have made.
2. For the time we have had in the villages.  The villagers are amazing examples of what it means to have joy and generosity in the midst of difficulties and poverty.
3. For our supporters (both in prayer and finances) who got us here, got us home and got us back again and have been following our journey, learning with us and encouraging us.
4. For Chipo, Velina, Dorcas, Lushomo, Belinda, Miriam, Ruth, Masho, Masije, Elisha, Amos, Jonathan, Nick, Gift, Vivian, Sammie, Arthur, Charles, Doro and Twambo. Twenty of the most beautiful children that have loved me even when I didn't bring sweets!
5. For the staff at WHI Zambia and their patience as we learned how to do things in true Zambian fashion.
6. For my friend Angela, who shared her life with me.
7. For the cold season...I didn't know how great it was until the hot season arrived.
8. For rain, so the farmers can plant their crops.
9. For the smell of flowers along Mochipapa Road after the rain.
10. For the teams that came - the generosity and love they showed to the villages they partner with was overwhelming.
11. For the way Zambians sing!  So passionately.
12. For how God has changed our hearts in Zambia and given us a new understanding of His love and has been patient with us as we have wrestled with His goodness.
13. For the Zambian sunrise - so bright and orange and filling the sky
14. For our friends and family back home...we will see you soon!!!

Zambian sunrise
(photo by Jerilynn Spring)

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